As one of the most iconic brands in the Accident Claims industry in Western Australia, Stephen Browne Lawyers want to maintain their market dominance and keep growing. Andrew the General manager is invested in the growth of Stephen Browne Lawyer and trusted ReachLocal to give him the latest technology, responsive customer service and most importantly of all, good leads that turn in clients. 

  • 200% +

    lead generation


One of the challenges that Stephen Browne Lawyers faced was that the previous provider they worked with within the digital marketing space treated the business like any other business and thought that what have worked for them previously would automatically work for their business. 


ReachLocal approached Stephen Browne with a specific product called Geofencing back in 2016 and based on the amazing result from the product, we were able to combine other solutions to the mix. We have Organic Search Result, Social Ads campaign including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and we also have a YouTube Ads campaign running at the moment. We went with the approach that we want to leave no stone unturned and we want them to appear wherever someone might be looking for that type of service.


The campaigns have been a roaring success lifting their lead generation by 130 to 200 per cent since we took over in 2016. Stephen Browne Lawyer has grown significantly in terms of how many clients they are able to assist and the size of their team. ReachLocal’s relationship with the team at Stephen Browne Lawyers has been exceptional. We catch up at least twice a month and correspond often on a daily basis. 

"There’s been a lot of things that ReachLocal has played a big part in us achieving over the last 5 years and hopefully we’ll continue to do that."

Andrew Browne
General Manager, Stephen Browne Lawyers
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