Bentleys is an international network of advisory and accounting firms, delivering solutions across Australia, New Zealand and China. They work with aspirational businesses and entrepreneurial people to help them achieve their objectives and get where they want to be, by providing future thinking, strategic direction and practical support.

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Despite having 18 locations across three countries, Bentleys were finding their brand awareness was quite limited outside of their existing client base. ReachLocal developed a cost-effective and very targeted solution to enable them to achieve more reach whilst using their existing content.


Bentleys weren’t engaged with any online marketing before ReachLocal. They were just relying on their renowned brand name, word-of-mouth referrals and organic listings. Bentley’s now have numerous digital campaigns running, including Search Engine Marketing, Facebook and LinkedIn Retargeting, and our very own reporting platform, ReachEdge. This strategy was designed to capture people in during the awareness stage, right the way through to converting leads.


ReachLocal has significantly increased brand awareness amongst key target markets, driving over three million impressions and contributing 25% of online inquiries.

I can certainly attest to the excellent service, honestly, integrity and genuine interest in our business that’s been exhibited by ReachLocal, and that’s really formed the basis for a strong Partnership.

Louise Vigar
Marketing Director, Bentleys Network
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